Fixed Asset module: Status?

Q Wang
  • Q Wang

    Q Wang - 2008-01-07

    Does anybody know the status of the fixed asset module of compiere?  Based on my memory this module has not been officially released.  As there are too many fixed asset items, the way we deal with them is to create only a few general fixed asset products with zero cost prices and when an invoice is generated the expense account is debitted with purchase amount.  However, the problem with this method is that when a receipt is generated, the asset account is debitted with 1 dollar. 

    Sounds like the only way to resolve this is to create the items individually, such as computer desktop, mouse, pencil...but this process is quite administrative...

    In terms of amortization, it could be another tedious process...

    Any ideas folks?


    • Yan

      Yan - 2008-01-18

      Is this module exchangeable with Rob Klein's "Fixed Asset" ?
      I only heard about it, but never try it.

      Is it better than the "official" module ?



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