Landed cost allocation..

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    i have a problem on landed cost ...please read and say something...
    to make my problem clear,let me take an example assume:
    1. i have purchase a 2 products with the ff PO price in one Purchase order..
       product_a: $1000 for quantity 100
       product_b: $2000 for quantity 200
    2. at this level the product cost of goods sold COGS will be
        product_a: $10
        product_b: $20
    3. but i have some additional costs inaddition to purchase order cost like:
        frieght :    $100
        bank charge: $100
        insurance:   $100
    4.Now, the product COGS should be updated for the two products above and of course the product Asset too.
    5. The question is how can i update that, i use version 2.5.3a... but i tried the ff by myself
    1st. i enter the purchase order for the two products.. and add the additional costs like freight on that purchase order in different purchase order line, there fore i had five lines entered with a total of $3300.... and i create invoice vendor and receipt and did all the necessary matching... but the product COGs is not updated rather just $10 for product_a and $20 for product_b...
    2nd. i enter the PO for the two products only then generate the receipt and invoice vendor
    then i create new invoice vendor for the above expences and then after i allocate the cost for the generated receipt using the distribute method of Quantity.. of caurse the landed cost allocation is created for both products acccordingly but the Product COGs is not still updated...
    3rd. i create new cost elements .. and enter by manually calculating the landed costs to each products purchased. example , let's say i have purchase one product called product_x using $1000 for 10 quantity... and cost me $100 for transportation. i will enter the purchase order just only for the product purchase, $1000 and i generate,complete and post Receipt and invoice vendor ... look until this time the product COGs for product_x is $1000/100 =10... now i use the product window and product cost tab and create new cost called freight by making it burden/Material overhead.. and use the following calculaion
    $100/10=10...$100 to mean transportation cost and 10 to mean quantity... then i add 10 in the current cost field to add $10 for all product_x as its COGs... now the Cogs is changed from $10 to $20 ... but i don't think this is the right way of adding additional costs ..
    how can then be my problem resolved using compiere
    i am waiting...

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      please.. i am waiting..

      • Ricardo Santana

        Ricardo Santana - 2007-04-17

        You can create your own DocTargetType.

        see org.compiere.acct.Doc_InOut

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