Document No.: Is there a way to enter our own

Q Wang
  • Q Wang

    Q Wang - 2007-01-19

    I am using 252d.

    When creating a purchase order or vendor invoice, the document number is generated automatically according to the initial settings for document type.  As the auto-generated numbers are incremented by one everytime, there is no duplicated numbers at all.  However, there is a need to enter our own document numbers and I am not sure if there is a way to automatically check if our own doc numbers are duplicated.  Currently, the system allows me to create two invoices with same numbers, but I hope this could be prevented.  Does anybody know if compiere has this kind of auto-check feature?  Thanks folks... Q

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2007-01-19

      in the document type deselect Document is number controlled.  THe doc number will still be required.  If you do not enter one then the system will default one for you.

    • Robin Hoo SP

      Robin Hoo SP - 2007-01-25

      No auto check feature...Compiere has always allow user to create two or more invoices with same numbers.

    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2007-01-26

      In all versions I have used, Compiere Invoice Vendor always enforces a single instance of 'Doc Number + Doc Type + BP'.  Are you sure it is allowing you to enter a duplicate and COMPLETE the duplicate?
      If you happen to enter a duplicate you get the message "terminated" in the bottom left hand corner of screen .. usually just below where you can see unless you are in full screen mode ;-)



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