Two-valued balances needed here, please...

  • Alexandru Cârstoiu

    Maybe I'm missing a previous post or something...
    A balance is computed by Compiere today (251f) as a single number with a sign dictated by the account sign (and account type if the sign is "natural"). I must report balances in a two column format, i.e. we have the notion of "debit balance" and "credit balance" (but we don't have the "account sign" concept, folks ;) ).

    Say X is the balance of a debit account; then I must list
    DB        CR
    X          0

    If Y is the balance of a credit account; then I must display
    DB     CR
    0      Y

    Any ideas? The arithmetic available for calculated lines in the Report Line Set window is too poor for any such computations.

    • Alexandru Cârstoiu

      Errata: Compiere 251g.

    • Alexandru Cârstoiu

      So, I take it that there's no means of displaying what I need in the Report Column Set window.

      Nobody wanted a 2 column balance (debit and credit) ever? Am I from another planet?...

      ...Do I have to turn to external reporting?

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2004-11-15

      in financial reports you can select db only or cr only

    • Alexandru Cârstoiu

      Where are the type of columns defined? Namely, where are the "Total Debit, Total Credit, Period Debit, Period Quantity... etc" declared and defined? I need to extend the list.

      Thanks in advance for being as precise as possible.

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2004-11-16

      you would have to modify the source code to add values to the list


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