How to setup Parent Tax

  • ken

    ken - 2006-04-07

    I select the Parent Tax Tax_B at Tax_A setup window, is that mean when I apply Tax_B in an invoice, the system should auto apply Tax_B+Tax_A to the amount?
    I try it, but it doesn't work.

    Can anybody explain it for me?


    • ken

      ken - 2006-04-15

      is there anyone knows this?

    • Q Wang

      Q Wang - 2006-04-22

      No. The system will use the tax rate of B in your case.

      The parent tax allows the children tax lines to show up in your GL postings.  For example in Cananda, we use GST (7%) and PST (7%), and each tax is associated with different account elements (which means the posting of each tax could be in different expense account...).  In order to show the two lines in my GL, what I did is: Create a parent tax which is called GST+PST, rate: 14%.  The create two child tax: GST, and PST, each has the rate of 7%, and parent tax is assigned to GST+PST. When you create your orders/invoices, if your product has GST+PST, the entries to GL will be two lines (one for GST, and another for PST), and if your product has only one tax, just select each child tax and the GL entry will be only one.  It works well in my system (252d).

    • ken

      ken - 2006-04-25

      thanks a lot, that's perfect.


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