Q Wang - 2005-11-14

Did anybody have this problem when doing the physical inventory?  I have created several inventory counts one after another, and each has different count numbers for the products in the warehouse.  I read the user manual and it mentioned that "Delete old/exisitng records" should be unchecked.  But this problem still exists.  And, "Update Quantity" button has not been described clearly in the user manual.

Another strange finding is, after completing some inventory counts I ran an inventory valuation reports and found the value of the whole inventory is different due to some "Inventory In" type transactions.  Some of these type of transactions are posted into the book (product asset credits, inventory shrinkage debited) due to the real count is different from book quantity, but some others are not posted to the book due to the misleading inventory counts!

Could anybody help me on this problem?  Thank you very much in advance!