product cost... how?

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    hi friends...
    can you tell me we can estimate product price list from the purchase order price and other costs comes from that product.. like frieght cost,....can any body tell me the algorithms of different costing method..
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    • Q Wang

      Q Wang - 2007-03-16

      I am using an old version which is 252d, and the only costing method provided is standard costing, which automatically setup the standard price in your purchase price list as the cost for the products.  Therefore, when the product is shipped out or in to the inventory, the GL entry posted to the book is calculated based on the standard price * quantity of shipment, rather than the actual po price * quantity + other fees incurred (such as shipping and handling, tax, etc.).  Most people prefer FIFO or other methods and I believe there are more costing methods provided in the newer versions. 

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      thanks Q Wang  for your response.. i am using 2.5.3 b and of caurse other costing methods are there.. but i too use standard costing method... since the body who install this system made that and went...i think this method can also do well... from your case.. it means... you enter the purchase price and assign the price of the product manually... and enter every costs of product...(such as shipping and handling, tax, etc.). so how can you estimate the price of the product by your self.. or the system calculate that for you ...for standard costing? ...


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