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  • tamirat

    tamirat - 2007-03-01

    hello friends....
    by your help, now i am making progress..and implemented the sales order, inventory... i am now trying to implement the accounting part.. i know things will be difficult for a guy,like me, who graduated in computer Science and has no background  on accounting... but i am asking and reading about accounting, so that i can fully implement the accounting...and i think i have you. i want to practice on the garden world... creating new vendor.. new business partner... new product category.. and want to enter every incoming cost and outgoing cost for the products... (or simply to implement accounting fully)..  i want to hear which task is fair to start, purchase order, incoming expenses... i know that is too silly for you and may laugh.... you have the right to laugh.. but please don't stop helping me...
    your ever comment will help me in advance...

    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2007-03-10

      the simplest things to look at will be invoice vendor and invoice customer. make sure your role has 'show accounting' ticked and also in your preferences.  Start the application server.

      enter, complete and POST some 'invoice customer' and 'invoice vendor' documents for a selection of products and charges (set the charges up in "Charge" if you need to)

      Click on the 'posted' button and you will see the accounting entries created by the posting process.

      If you have not done so already, buy the user documentation from the Compiere website, it will help guide you.


    • tamirat

      tamirat - 2007-03-10

      thanks adaxa...
      because the response of the forum was so late... i tried my self and of caurse you were right.. i have tried the invoice customer (for AR accounts) and Invoice Vendor( for AP accounts)... and i am now making good progress... as you told me..i have the user documentation... let me tell u in what condition i am..
      1. i am entering expenses of the company using invoice vendor using charge in Invoice
      vendor line tab.. like electricity ,telephone expenses...
      2. i am using invoice customer to our revenues( maintanace service)....
      3. i am entering product sales using sales order so that generate invoices..
      4. i am entering purchase orders in invoice vendor window and after completeing it.. i will
      generate material reciept from it.. and completed the reciept and check that the inventory is adjusted... right now i have problem( for me) i want u to explain...while i enter payments using cash, in invoice vendor as well as in invoice customer , the
      cash journal is automatically created and after completing and posting the cash journal,
      when i refresh those invoices, the invoices paid check box is selected.. that sounds great
      but.. i think cash journal should be for small payments like petty cash.. etc.. so i have to enter using the payment window ,check, ... while i tried that it is ok and the invoices indicate that they are paid.. but where is the money went... when i complete and post the payment window say (AP).. it create allocations... and bank statements.. and i think the bank statement should then processed, is that the case?.. how could i prepare a bank
      statement..or generally .. if i use the payement window ..what processes will be taking
      place... and what should i do then...
      please say some thing...

    • tamirat

      tamirat - 2007-03-14

      nobody willing to respond?

    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2007-03-14

      "...and bank statements.. and i think the bank statement should then processed, is that the case?.. how could i prepare a bank statement..or generally .. if i use the payment window ..what processes will be taking place...
      please say some thing... "

      Bank statement process will debit bank, credit bank-in-transit for an AR Receipt.
      .. create a bank statement header record, click on the 'create lines button", tick the items that appear on the statement received from the bank"  

      The user documentation is probably the best guide available. If there is something in the user guide that does not answer your questions then ask again.

      "and what should i do then..."  is a question with a very long answer :-)



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