Strange first line in Fin Report

  • Yan

    Yan - 2008-10-14

    Hi everyone,

    I made a financial report based on a report line set which is made of a unique line (segment value) and the source is type=product.
    There are 13 columns (one for each month, and one which add range from january to december).

    When the report is created, i can see all my products (I'm not selecting one in parameters).
    But i got a first line which gives me an amount that i can't explain.

    Seeing the log, i notice that Compiere runs this SQL to calculate this amount :

    (SELECT SUM(acctBalance(Account_ID,AmtAcctDr,AmtAcctCr)) FROM Fact_Acct_Balance WHERE DateAcct BETWEEN TO_DATE('2008-01-01','YYYY-MM-DD') AND TO_DATE('2008-01-31','YYYY-MM-DD') AND PostingType='A' AND C_AcctSchema_ID=1000002)

    This is done on the 12 month columns.

    If i lauch the report selecting one produt as a parameter, i don't have this line.

    I'm using Compiere 302.
    Has somebody laready see such a thing ?

    Is this a bug ?



    • Magali Bebronne

      Magali Bebronne - 2008-12-19

      That first line isn't the sum of all following product lines?

      • Yan

        Yan - 2008-12-19

        no, it's a bit more complicated...

        in fact, this line came from nowhere, i don't know what it refers to.

        i manage to erase it by creating a summary product and putting all non summary article in it

        don't know why, but it works !




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