Question about Invoice posting process

  • Lim

    Lim - 2007-11-13

    Hi everyone, i'm a novice in compiere.

    i've a question here for posting process.
    when i press 'complete' button in invoice window, 'not posted' button become visible
    nah... i know that 'not posted' button processing a doctype java file
    entitled doc_invoice located in serverRoot\src\main\server\org\compiere\acct\org\compiere\acct
    but, i can't find how compiere assigned 'not posted' button to do that job...
    can anyone help me...

    • contract16

      contract16 - 2007-11-15

      I'm not sure if I understand the question correctly, do you want to know how Compiere does the posting in a normal environment, or how the coding works?

      Normally all documents are posted using the Accounting Processor. This is part of the JBOSS server. Start the JBOSS server using the RUN_Server2.bat (or .sh). The first time it starts it should post all documents (i.e. orders, receipts, invoices, etc) not yet posted, so may take a little time to run. From then on it should run at a pre-determined frequency.

      Other alternatives once JBOSS is running is either select the Not Posted button and follow the steps to post the document, or run the Re-submit Postings process.


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