Manny Bhuta - 2010-04-06

We have developed plugin for compiere to link compiere database to ExisOne, our business intelligence (BI) software.  We are looking for a company to participate in beta test.  In return for participating, we offer one full year’s use of ExisOne hosted on our server for free.  We will also implement ExisOne and compiere plugin for free.  ExisOne is full featured BI software (  To qualify for this beta test:
1. Your compiere database must have sales data including sales orders and invoices.  Sales budgets, shipments, and customers’ payment of invoices are highly desirable.
2. You will need to give us access to the database via internet.  The database need not be your production database; a copy of the database is acceptable. 
3. We will expect you to test and make suggestions.
Security of your data is important to us.  We only need to read data in your compiere database.  We will not modify any data in your database nor will we add any additional data.  We promise not to disclose your data to any third party and at the end of the beta test, or at any time you decide to withdraw from beta test, we will erase all of your data from our server. 
We expect the beta test will take no more than one month.  ExisOne is a fully functioning BI system.  The beta test is only to work out any kinks in the plugin for compiere.  ExisOne works equally well with sales, manufacturing and accounting information.  But, initially the plugin is will be only for sales data including customer sales orders, shipments, invoices and customer paymnents.  In future we may add manufacturing and accounting.
ExisOne is not open source.  The most expensive, enterprise edition is priced at $2,000/mo.  But, we have other editions with very attractive pricing for compiere community.  All features are retained but it is implemented using platform that limits the maximum database size of 4GB.  The demo on our website is of enterprise edition.  With 4GB limitation compiere edition will be restricted to fewer “perspectives”.  However, all features including graphical displays, currency conversion, key performance measurements, Google map, etc. will be available.
If you would like to participate, please email to us at   It is not practical for us to support more than one beta tester.