Victor Max - 2010-01-31


Does anyone have a tutorial how to connect a Windows IIS webserver to a Apache compiere back-end server? I'm very new to compiere and have little knowledge about apache compiere back-end servers. The mentioned compiere server is now running with a apache Tomcat front-end server which we want to replace for a Windows IIS 7.5 Webserver.

We already succesfully setup the IIS webserver with the most recent Tomcat AJP connector and we can connect to a locally installed Tomcat 6.x installation. The Compiere server is a separate server inside our domain and generates the webpages for our Internet domains.

What we need is a step-by-step tutorial how to setup IIS to redirect requests to the Compiere back-end server and how we can test it before going live..

Can anyone point us into the right direction, we should appreciate it.

Best regards,