Installation problem in Windows XP

  • Senguttuvan Paramathma


    I'm trying to install compiere in windows xp, but i'm getting the following errors,

    1. -----------> ConfigPostgreSQL.testJDBC: com.edb.util.PSQLException: Connection rejected: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "compiere". [13]
    -----------> ConfigPostgreSQL.test: Cannot connect to compiere User: compiere/compiere - Database may not be imported yet (OK on initial run). [13]

    Just i installed postgresql and its running.

    Do i create any user called compiere in postgresql or it'll happen automatically??

    • felhi.riadh

      felhi.riadh - 2009-03-16

      try to use Oracle Database system

    • Felipe Reyes

      Felipe Reyes - 2009-03-16

      As the message indicates, this warning is OK on the initial run, i.e. when you are just starting the Compiere installation.
      Proceed with the installation and the user Compiere will be created for you. Be sure to use Postgres Plus Advanced Server 8.3,  (EnterpriseDB) not just PostgreSQL


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