Matched invoice posting error

  • marian zanfir

    marian zanfir - 2009-10-08

    Hi to all,

    I have a problem when I try to post a matched invoice. I get this Posting Err message:  java.lang.ArithmeticException: Division Undefined

    in the system issue report there are some details:


    does anyone know: is a bug in the code or is something undefined in the application? what can I do?

    please help me with this matter

    thank you very much

    best regards,

  • lavino

    lavino - 2009-10-14

    Looks like you are asking java to divide by 0 or something null value.

  • marian zanfir

    marian zanfir - 2009-10-15

    dear lavino,
    I understand this but I'm just trying to post some documents, I'm not trying to divide or do some math….with java :o)

    now let's get serious :o)
    this error appear when I try to post a matched invoice.
    the question is: it's something that I didn't defined in the application like an element account or price or something like this or this error it's generated by a bug in the application?

    thank you very much anyway


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