Dashboard does not update!

  • Anjana Silva

    Anjana Silva - 2011-01-17

    Hey fellow mates, I need a help from you.

    There's no change in the dashboard when I inserted a sales order. Can any one tell me what is the reason for this?

    And when I checked the GL Entries it pops up an error message like this.
    " You don't have the privileges (your Role does not allow to access the information) - or - set profile (e.g. if you want to see ccounting records, Show Accounting must be set)".

    I'm using compiere default admin user/pass to access the system. (GardenAdmin/ GardenAdmin).

    Can anyone please check this and let me know?

    Thank you in advance…

  • Kathy Pink

    Kathy Pink - 2011-01-18

    If you are using the Swing UI try clicking on the usage meter at the bottom right of the menu window where it shows the memory % used..  That refreshes the display.
    To see accounting info go to Tools Preferences and select Show Accounting tabs

  • Anjana Silva

    Anjana Silva - 2011-01-26

    Dear Kmpink,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I right click on the dashboard & clicked the re-query in pop up menu. But the dashboard is still in the same position. I think I'm missing some part. If I'm not bothering you, can you please send me the procedure to generate a sales order & see the results in dashboard very briefly. For your convenience let me briefly describe you what I did.

    First I created a Tenant, Organizations, Warehouses, etc .
    Then I created a Customer.
    Next I created a Product with Tax and Price.
    Then I generated a sales order by applying that product to some customer.
    So, finally I'm expecting a result to be change in the dashboard, but it won't..

    Hope you'll help me.

    Thank you very much!
    Anjana Silva


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