need help on filtering out dropdown lists

  • lavino

    lavino - 2009-05-30

    We have a few warehouses and we named a certain less frequently used one with a prefix "_OLD_".    We wish to not display them on the Sales Order window in the wareshouse dropdown list. 

    1.  We login as System
    2.  go to Windows Tab and field, search for Sales Order and open the tab.
    3.  select Order Header in the tab window
    4.  click on TAB tab got the list and click on Warehouse
    5.  We are now in the Field window with Name = Warehouse

    and now I am lost...

    Do I edit the Display Logic?  or Default Logic?  I want to query anything that is not like '%_OLD_%'   Is there a tutorial cover this somewhere online or in any Compiere Resources?

    Later on is like also got another bunch of warehouse with prefix "_HIDDEN_" can I combine them together in the logic here to hide both?

    Thx so much

    • albert

      albert - 2009-05-31

      You need edit the AD_Column Dynamic Validation...

      You need add a New Validation: Name W/O old & hidden

      Don't show Store and Distribution :

      (INSTR(M_Warehouse.NAME,'Store') < 1  AND INSTR(M_Warehouse.NAME,'Distribution')< 1)

      Don't show _OLD_  and _HIDEN_  :

      (INSTR(M_Warehouse.NAME,'_OLD_') < 1  AND INSTR(M_Warehouse.NAME,'_HIDEN_')< 1)

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    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2009-06-01

      You could try to create a Validation Rule for this column.  These are referenced by the Dynamic Validation field on the Column definition window.


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