regarding searching for keywords in names...

Neo Tan
  • Neo Tan

    Neo Tan - 2009-01-30

    It is just silly to realize that you cannot search keywords in random order...
    for example if you have a product named "big pink feet comfy slipper"

    You can search it with any of the keyword

    You can search it with '%big%slipper%'

    You can search it with '%pink feet%'


    You CANNOT search it successfully with '%feet%pink%'

    Now, how stupid is that?  So you have to memorize the order of the keywords?!  What if you don't know the order?  then you have to go through all combinations until you get it right?  Not exactly a good selling point to some client with salesperson sharps as a door knob trying to use it.

    In fact, I was blasted by one of these salesperson in a meeting making fun of us (and Compiere) that never thought of this.

    • albert

      albert - 2009-01-30

      You CANNOT search it successfully with '%feet%pink%'

      but we already add / modified this qurey criteria

      when '%' over 2 times

      we spin-off the search pattern to serveral pattern



      where name like '%feet%pink%'


      where (name like '%feet%' and name like '%pink%')

      wish you like this solution

    • Neo Tan

      Neo Tan - 2009-02-01

      How do I make changes like you mentioned above?  It sounds like I need to update the where clause inside Compiere?  So it means it requires some kind of re-compile?


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