younus - 2010-03-13

Hi all,
My goal is to know how to reconcile a bank statement??
I use Ademepiere v 3.4.2
When entering a "Open items / Bank Statement" there is a button "Match Bank Statement".
Which I assume is to help the user reconcile the bank statement entries by matching them to the receipts & payments already existing in the system
When I press this button I receive the message "no matchers found".
There is no mention of matchers in the manual(s), but in the Menu / General Rules / Organisation Rules there is the window "Bank Statement Matcher".
So I'm guessing I need to define a matcher here? To do this I need to define which classname the matcher uses.
what class do I define ?
I tried to use "org.compiere.impexp.BankStatementMatcherInterface" but it looks like the matcher is empty.
May I ask when is the class expected to be loaded?