Parag Patil - 2009-09-02

I have created a BOM as follows:

Product: Desktop PC

Alternative Components:

Alternative Group                                                            product

Hard dsik                                                                       Sea gate 80GB

Hard disk                                                                       Sata 80

Ram                                                                                DDR 3GB

Ram                                                                                SD 3GB

and so on.

I have also defined pricelist for the same.

Now when I search the product in Web store it gives me Desktop PC as a single product. But what I want is , customer should be able to configure his PC i.e. customer should get option to specify the hard disk type, ram type etc. Similar to BOM Explode process.

So I want to know, just by defining the product as I did, will it provide the options to select the components. Please let me know how is it possible?