confirmation for shipment question

Neo Tan
  • Neo Tan

    Neo Tan - 2009-05-25

    Why Compiere allows you to complete the confirmation for a shipment  even when the shipment not yet has the stock ready for the shipment?  We know that if you don't have the stock then shipment is not allowed to happen.  But what is behind the logic that you are allowed to complete the confirmation for the shipment even though you know that the product is not ready there to be shipped yet?

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2009-05-25

      What do you mean 'not ready'?  If the shipment is created (that is when the confirmation is created) then it assumes it is being shipped

    • Neo Tan

      Neo Tan - 2009-05-25

      for example if the shipment requires 10 tables in the warehouse but I only got 8.  Shipment won't allow me to complete (click the complete button) if there isn't a confirmation.  But if there is a confirmation I can complete the confirmation even thought I only got 8 table so far.

    • albert

      albert - 2009-06-01

      yes, sometime we need complete for each line not one order..

      do u need customization this function


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