Compiere Professional

  • Tullio Bettinazzi

    I'm interested in Compiere Profesional mainly for Web UI.
    I want to test it before I buy the license, is it possible ? How ?

    • Anthony Navarro

      Anthony Navarro - 2008-10-28

      Hello Tullio:

      I work for Compiere.  Yes it is possible to test the Professional Edition.  Please provide me with your contact information including phone number, email address,  and company name.  Alternatively you can reach me at the number  below.

      Best regards,

      Anthony Navarro
      Partner Sales Manager

      work: +1 (650)-517-5974
      fax:   +1 (650)-240-3914

      Compiere, Inc.
      3600 Bridge Parkway, Suite 102
      Redwood City, CA  94065

      • Ennio Piovesan

        Ennio Piovesan - 2008-10-31

        Hello Anthony,
        I am interest too in testing the Professional Edition (as you can see 2 italians, isn't it odd?. Perhaps it is the Compiere name and its italian semantic).

        My name is: Ennio Piovesan
        Company name: Azserve s.r.l.
        Phone: +39 0421 307353
        Fax: +39 0421 307550

        Best regards,

        ing. Ennio Piovesan.

        • Carolina Garcia

          Carolina Garcia - 2008-11-05


          My name is Carolina Garcia and I work for Directive Soft, we are Gold Partners of Compiere.

          If any of you would like to test the Professional Edition, do not hesitate to register here: to receive a username and password for Compiere Professional Edition Demo.

          Best Regards,

          Carolina Garcia

          • Tullio Bettinazzi

            Tks, is it possible to try an English (or Italian) version ?

      • Tullio Bettinazzi

        I sent You my data but I didn't ear You anymore.
        Could You provide me required informations ?

      • Tullio Bettinazzi

        Please provide us required informations.

    • Tullio Bettinazzi

      My email address is
      My company is Axioma S.p.a.

    • shankar

      shankar - 2008-11-13

      Hello Tullio,

      if you want to test Compiere professional edition, goto site

      here you can test the latest compiere professional edition


    • Sami

      Sami - 2008-11-14

      i have tested the Compiere Professional Edition from the following link
      but i giving the Null Pointer Exception.?

      did any body aware of this why..?

      i have installed Professional Edition in my computer and i have also the same error..?
      why i don't know... is this a bug?????

    • xamppasdf xamppasdf

      Zoap:The English short form of Zoap Consulting Limited.
            Compiere:The Global Open Source ERP Leader.
            Zoapiere:The industrial solution service based on Compiere.

      For common application requests, Compiere ERP can provide fairly good solutions for an enterprise. However, when facing complex industrial requests , for example: more complex report forms, refined & complex flow control, more specific system foundation data etc, standard version may not meet your needs.To solve this problem, you have to extend its features & functions. ZOAP also provides customized development services according to customers’ requests.That is why we provide Zoapiere service.

  • Marcos Medina

    Marcos Medina - 2009-11-19

    Hello Mr. Trifon, download it and place it in the folder of compiere jboos me up but not the web part shows me the menu or anything you wanted to know if it works without problem


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