lavino - 2009-01-02

1.  We tried to import a business partner who has a Hungary country address.   It turned out that import won't create the location for this import.   If we using the same data (everything identical but changed the country to USA and change the zip code and state like CA then import works.   We also tried to change to a Canada address and it works too.   I wonder anyone also experiencing import issues for BP if the BP has an EU or asian country?

2.  When importing a product I don't see the default vendor BP link.  Is there some way to set it?   We wanna be able to import the product and set the vendor info as well just like using "purchasing"  and set the vendor manually.

3.  When importing product we have a description which has multiple comma.  Knowing that csv won't like it we try to wrap the description with  " .  When importing we just got error and not explaining why.
We suspect that the description is screwing up because we tried an empty description and it works.  So do we have to wrap all the fields in "?   How you guys handle dealing with data that has comma in the csv import?  Can you import a description with new line in them?  I never tried it but I guess since it might think that it is a new line.