pls help! question about sales order.

Neo Tan
  • Neo Tan

    Neo Tan - 2009-05-12

    here is the condition...

    1 SO

    2 or more warehouses

    not allow to do an inventory move.

    No code change, recompile etc etc

    Is this possible?   Is there any way to achieve this?

    What we found by default is that if there are say 2 warehouse A and B and each sell 2 of the same product (and assume each warehouse has 2).  We end up with available in one warehouse being =  -2, onhand =2 and reserved in one warehouse is 4 and another warehouse is 0.

        A O R
    A -2 2 4
    B 0 2 0

    Then we now have problem completing the shipment as it won't let use due to the -2 in warehouse A.   One of our restiction is not doing any inventory move.   Do we have no choice but have to do an inventory move to solve this?

    • aladin

      aladin - 2009-05-15


      I'll assume that these are 2 physical warehouses, not one physical warehouse you are splitting into 2 zones. In the WMS module there is the ability to split a warehouse into zones...

      If it is 2 physical warehouses, different SO Lines can be for different warehouses. Create one line for warehouse A (qty 2) and a second line for warehouse B (qty 2). Before/during entering the order the user would have to check the stock quantities per warehouse to know what quantity to enter on each line. Not ideal, but the best way to avoid lots of complicated customisations.



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