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compiere and the online webstore

  • Brian

    Brian - 2009-01-21

    While I was installing compiere, it asked me what port to use for the store, I set it to port 80 and had to turn apache off to continue. Now that i have compiere running there isn't a webstore and it isn't even listening on port 80. How do i turn the webstore feature on, and where is the site located?

    Thank you

    • Eldir Tomassen [ActFact B.V.]

      If you are running Compiere on a Unix / Linux system ports below 1024 can only be used when the server is running with root privileges. Select a port above that number, like 8080 or so, and it should work o.k.

      • Brian

        Brian - 2009-01-21

        How can I give it root privileges? I ran it with sudo so I thought it was running as root. Or where is the config file that contains port=80 ? Thanks

    • Eldir Tomassen [ActFact B.V.]

      I have never used the Compiere / JBoss server while running with root privileges. Rather, we specify a port above 1024.
      The ports can be configured using the Compiere setup dialog (RUN_setup).

      For a "production environment" you can use a fronted web server, listening on port 80 of your public IP, and have it talk to the back end Compiere server over AJP.


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