how powerful is workflow really?

  • lavino

    lavino - 2009-04-16

    Honestly... without doing ANY compile at all.   How powerful is setting up workflow anyway?  Everyone talked about workflow this workflow that... what *EXACTLY* can you do with workflow by default?

    1.  Can it control behavior of a certain process?    Like can it add a process to  like after a Sales Order add a Payment if the type is not done by credit and populate it with the amount on the invoice?  If so.. how?

    2.   Can it be triggered to send an email to a particular BP (and the email has to be trigger depends on diff action... which mean NO hard-coding who to send to) after something happened.  If so, how?

    3.  Can it be triggered so that after a Material Receipt it can create multiple inventory move to distribute stock to different warehouses once Material Receipt is completed.

    4.  Can it alter the behavior of current PO sales order and have it just NOT complete the shipment automatically?  If so, how?

    there are just too many different situation  but I am amaze that noone ever anywhere have any tutorial?   Is that because these are the trade secrets that everyone is doing and they have to keep these as secret in order to do
    their business since if everyone can do this they will be so out of business?

    I repeat again... no re-compile for doing any of the above.. we know that compile is a way to do a lot of things.. but then it is like crack.. once you start doing it.. you will have to compile and compile and compile...

    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2009-04-16

      The answer to 1,2 and 4 above is 'Yes'.  I am not sure about 3.

    • lavino

      lavino - 2009-04-16

      I see about 2 good links which talks about something that is helpful.    But my point is... for Compiere or Adempiere why isn't there something like a per case knowledge tree type tutorial that truely teaches everyone solution to solve per case.   Just for the example I listed above.  If there are solutions to them I view that there should be at least 4 tutorials each teaching about how to do these specific thing plus may be some minor variation to each case.   To, Carlos Ruiz, I didn't mean there are no basic concept talk about workflow as you pointed out in your google search there are tons of topics talks about the concept.  But how many of these link actually give and teaches a practical example that would benefit to the real world case.   Not a lot.. if you actually go through all these links down to page 4 or 5.  Sure enough I understand the concept of how it works and etc.  But what I see is all these level 1 example all over the place and it just lacks the level 2 or 3 further talks into the topic.  

      Why can't we have some site that will just host a bunch of Practical tutorials that is public and everyone can contribute to the site?   May be I should start one if noone is doing it.   But I lack the expert knowledge since I am only a beginner =(

      • stingreye

        stingreye - 2009-04-16

        To be honest, the workflow is an area that has fascinated me but I have never had a chance to look at it very closely (I am a user not a developer)

        I do not do any java coding or compiling.  We use our Compiere Partner for that.  However, we use the application dictionary and oracle stored proceedure to do alot of customizations ourselves.  we have tons of custom table and fields.  I would argue thats one of the best features of Compiere.

        Two Questions I have:
        1) If the workflow model allows for "non-java coding" customization for document processing that would be pretty novel.

        2) Does that mean when I hit complete, all it does is change the field in the database for Document Status and the workflow then goes out finds those documents that have changed status and make changes to it.  One example is completing a shipment.  When you complete a shipment does the complete button merely change the doc status to complete.  Then does the workflow engine find the completed document and change inventory, change qty reserved and shipped on the orderline, and make any other changes?

      • Carlos Ruiz

        Carlos Ruiz - 2009-04-16


        > Why can't we have some site that will just host a bunch
        > of Practical tutorials that is public and everyone can
        > contribute to the site?

        Both wikis are open for that.

        Why nobody have done that before?
        Well - there must be reasons, maybe everybody is busy.
        It's not fair to attribute to greediness.


        Carlos Ruiz


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