Can a SO generates multiple shipments?

  • lavino

    lavino - 2008-12-23

    ha ha I am on a roll here but I wonder if anyone can answer these latest questions I have...

    Say I have a SO that has 2 groups of products .  One group is in a warehouse sitting in country A (set as an organization) and another group requires generating a PO for some factories in Country B as drop ship items.   We can't prevent ppl from not mixing these products in the same sales order but at the same time it would be really silly to have to ship products from country B back to country A then put them all together and ship from country A to the shipping address.    We rather ship what's available in Country A then ship the rest other products from country B. 

    Knowing that we can have a clerk type up these shipments from scratch from a SO but is there a more automated way to do this?

    • GodLike

      GodLike - 2008-12-23

      In the sales order line, you coud select the warehouse for the product you choose.

      I suppose when you use the "Generate shipment" process, each product will be shipped out from the warehouse indicated in the sales order line. And then multiple shipments would be generated if a sales order contains products frmo multiple warehouses.

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2008-12-23

      you can also create shipments manually to release just the qty desired

      • lavino

        lavino - 2008-12-23

        Here is the delimma though...  On one hand management are complaining things are not automated enough while on the other processes always has some sort of twist that makes the automation not possible since they requires some sort of A.I. decision that doesn't always follow some sort of formula or pattern.

    • lavino

      lavino - 2008-12-24

      "In the sales order line, you coud select the warehouse for the product you choose. "

      actually I just checked this and it is not true... You can only select the warehouse on the sales order or shipment level not the order line or the shipment line level... so there is really no way to automate this in any way except someone has to sit down and create multiple shipments manually?

      • Theo de Brouwer

        Theo de Brouwer - 2008-12-24

        yes you can. It is a very important functionality. 
        Check again, take a standard order
        (It is not available for proposal and POS)


        • lavino

          lavino - 2008-12-25

          Actually you are right.  I can do that indeed... But can different organization share the same warehouse?  Or can it?   If I have 2 orgranizations and each has a warehouse.
          Can I create 2 warehouse for each ogranization (suppose to be 1 warehouse EACH org but the 2nd for each is mirror for the other organization?) with 1 of the assigning the 'warehouse source' as the other orgranization?   

          I don't think I can assign warehouse with orgranization as '*'.  When I tried it after I set the organization for the sales order (which cannot be assigned to *)  I cannot select the warehouse that has organization as *

          • Theo de Brouwer

            Theo de Brouwer - 2008-12-25

            You dont need to assign a warehouse with *. A warehouse below to one organisation.
            You can track (accounting) movement between organisation (and warehouse) if you want.
            You can create multiple warehouses or use the same warehouse for multiple orga
            nisation, if access right are ok.

    • lavino

      lavino - 2008-12-25

      thanks for the info and Merry X'mas to you all!!

      How do I use the same warehouse for multiple organization?
      I thought when you create a warehouse you have to assign a orgranization to it in the top left corner. 

      If I have sales staffs in each organization with orgranization access only then I need to have diff guy with a multiple organization access to create the shipment?  So if those sales are limited to their own organization then they cannot create standard order and assign the different warehouse that is outside of their organization?  Or I need to allow these sales to be able to do select role and use other organization?


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