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  • Dolon Olivier

    Dolon Olivier - 2009-02-20


    I'm using Compiere since today, and the installation seems to be well done. I can connect to compiere with the default user GardenAdmin to discover it.
    I have just created my first order using a tuto founded on the compiere website. The order is now created, but I'm trying to do a first shipment but my order do not appears on the shipments screens. My order is "Completed", with stock avaibility, and assign to the user "Joe Block".
    I don't understand and hope that someone could help me fast.


    • aladin

      aladin - 2009-02-24


      I would check which warehouse you have used on the sales order line. I would then check to see which warehouse you have the stock in to make sure they are the same.

      Also check the shipping rule on the Sales Order header. If Complete Line or Complete Order then make sure there is enough stock for the entire line/order.

      • Dolon Olivier

        Dolon Olivier - 2009-02-24


        Thanks for your reply. I created a "Standard Order", with one available item on HQ organisation. The Header and the line are defined on HQ Warehouse. The shipping rule is "Avaibility".

        The available quantity is 4 and the orderd quantity is 1.

        • aladin

          aladin - 2009-02-25


          On a fresh install of Compiere version 321 (which version are you using?).

          1) Creates Sales Order
          - Document Number = 50000
          - Target Document Type = Standard
          - Customer = Joe Black
          - Shipping Rule = Availability
          - Warehouse = HQ

          1 line with:
          - Product = Oak Tree
          - Qty = 1

          Complete order

          2) Look in View > Product Info (using Swing UI)
          HQ warehouse
          - Qty on hand = 20
          - Qty Reserved = 1 (the sales order just raised)

          3) Generate Shipments (Manual) form
          Warehouse = HQ warehouse

          1 line appears for my order of 50000.

          Let me know what you see.

          • Dolon Olivier

            Dolon Olivier - 2009-02-25

            Thanks. I just use try your test.

            The issue is :
            - I don't have reserved quantity (value stay to 0)
            - I just see an error message at the end of the Sales Orders Screen (just afetr validation to complete the order) which indicate : "*Not Found* Period 25/02/2009 - HQ - GardenWorld Calendar".


    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2009-02-25

      you need to open the period for document processing in your calendar

      • aladin

        aladin - 2009-02-26

        Just to expand on what Kathy mentioned:
        - Calendar  Year and Period menu option
        - Create a new year for 2009
        - Select the button to create periods, which will create 12 months
        - For each period, select the "Open/Close All" button to open the period for every area of Compiere

        Try completing the Sales Orders
        - Look at the status field. If it is not completed, then there is a problem and the error message will appear at the bottom of the window in Swing UI.
        - Only completed orders can be shipped, invoiced, etc.

        • Dolon Olivier

          Dolon Olivier - 2009-02-26

          Hello Mr Aladin,

          Thanks a lot !! it works fine now.

          ==> This case can be closed.



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