Changing Chart of Accounts (COA)

John Do
  • John Do

    John Do - 2009-09-19


    I selected the US COA in an installation that would have required a European one (that threw an exception though).

    Is it practical to change the COA in an active client -

    can you apply a whole new COA template or modify the active one. If one can not change it post initial client configuration, what's a practical way to migrate data from a client to a new one.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • lavino

    lavino - 2009-09-24

    The way that my old company did it was to first import the esential COA accounting elements then run the import again with about 400 lines.  The essential import file was a subset of this 400 lines file.   Only by doing that then the accountant and bookkeeper guys will say this works for them (I don;t know about these stuff enough to tell…).   

    I don't tend to agree with this.. I think you can create a massive file just like the accountingUS.csv with all the accounting elements.  But there is no guide about how to do this.   I figure that Compiere might have some of these files for some popular countries like UK, Australia, Canada, Japan etc but according to them they don't have that (back in April) so we are all on our own….


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