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Attach Fax to Transaction

  • Thomas R. Leith

    Thomas R. Leith - 2009-08-15

    Hi there -- I'm exploring Compiere for a small food distribution business and lots of small stores want to order and do other correspondence by fax. What I'd like to have is a way to receive faxes as images (pdf, jpeg, whatever) form multiple work queues that the dedicated "fax receptionist" could assign inbound faxes to, and then permit multiple people role-based access to the queues. They read the correspondence, create an appropriate Compiere transaction (purchase order, credit memo, RMA, whatever), and then "attach" the image to the transaction as a record of what was received from the customer, supplier, or whomever. The thinking right now is to go the saas route, which means the "faxes" will have to end up on a computer that is not mine. I think it would be best if the faxes were received directly on that machine. Searching the forums I don't see anything that talks much about receiving faxes, mostly sending. Is this a feature under consideration??

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-12-29


    I think you do not need Compiere to do this for you. I believe what you need is something that most fax-to-email services provide - somebody sends you a fax to a regular fax number but instead of having it printed by the fax machine it comes to a designated email address as a PDF file. Then you can attach it to any document entry in Compiere as attachment.


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