Categorisation of GL's

  • Parag Patil

    Parag Patil - 2009-07-07

    Hi friends,

    I just want to know that, if we import GL's from AccountingUS.csv, how they appear under Accounting Element-> Element Value.
    Do they occur randomly or they are categorised based on the GL's.
    For eg:
    All GL's related to Asset under Asset, all GL's related to expense under expense.
    If not so, do we need to categorise them manually, to get the proper balance sheet?

    Thanks and Regards
    Parag Patil.

    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2009-07-07

      Look at the 'issummary' columns and the 'parent' column. these set the grouping for reporting.  It is more logical if they are in the same number sequesnce as well...just looks tidier.

    • Redhuan D. Oon

      Redhuan D. Oon - 2009-07-09

      It is already done by the COA format and the ERP system. Look at the whole structure using Daniel Norin (Tamm) COAEditor (3rd party open contribution) to see more clearly. Otherwise the window u refering to is clear enough.

      Then look at the samples of Financial reports such as Balance Sheet and P&L in the GardenWorld sample under Performance Analysis menu.


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