trying to complete an Oct invoice but error

  • lavino

    lavino - 2008-12-26

    I can set anything from Dec, Nov to completed but when anything is from Sept or Oct I got this "Period Closed -- Automatic Period Control" red message at the bottom and giving me Document Status as Invalid.  I checked the period and they are open.  When I try to set Period Action with the button I notice they all still report "No Action" in the Period Action.  Anyone know how to fix this?

    • GodLike

      GodLike - 2008-12-27

      Open up the window named "Accounting Schema", uncheck the field named "Automatic Period Control".

      Then open the period in the "Period" window.

      • lavino

        lavino - 2008-12-28

        thx!  This solved the problem!  You rock!!!!


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