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  • gust

    gust - 2011-03-07


    Sorry for my English.  I am searching for ERP web-based system for my company. Does your system have the following functionality?
    1) E-Procurement (e-tendering, e-auctioning, e-sourcing)
    e-tendering: Sending requests for information and prices to suppliers and receiving the responses of suppliers.
    Organization of tenders, tenders for the purchase among suppliers.
    It is the main function needed.
    2) Search form by email address, name of customer, order number
    3) Attaching to the order-card files, documents
    4) Once the supplier  delivered the product/services the opportunity to change the status to Completed
    5) Opportunity to return to the previous revision, the state of completion
    6) Indication in the order-card amount already paid and the amount owed on request (payable) for the customer and supplier
    7) Section or state filter, which displays the orders that paid by the customer, but not transferred to the supplier to work
    8) Graphic Calendar, timesheet of delivery (tracking delinquency suppliers), a reminder to him of arrears
    9) The ability to email the user from the system interface
    10) Opportunity to set work plan, the stages of supply,it is divided into stages by the time
    11) Supplier’s web account
    12) Order has a category and type, depending on the selected category and type it sends to an appropriate suppliers
    13) Obligatory field deadline
    14) Supplier Registration Web-Form
    15) Email-Templates: 1) post a new supplier if he is accepted 2) telling supplier that he is selected in the order as a supplier
    16) Payment section of the suppliers (order fulfillment) 1) to pay 2) paid
    17) Payment to manager
    18) The possibility of customization order status


  • Redhuan D. Oon

    Redhuan D. Oon - 2011-04-12

    1. In principle Yes (may need integration to what you need from the web services)
    2. Yes (need some minimal config work to get specific identifier such as email ID to be included in the opening search box)
    3. Yes, there is a standard universal attachment icon on any window to attach to the document in process.
    4. Yes, its standard document status for every completed document
    5. There is reverse-correct option for Document Workflow process
    6. Yes, there is integration between payments, invoices and orders or under Business Partners.
    7. You may make use of the Shipment record to handle that. Still you can do a query as to such specific or pre-defined status.
    8. Need some JasperReport creation to pull such data from the DB. JasperReport should be already integrated, into Compiere, meaning its been easily done (google for it).
    9. Email integration is already an inbuilt option and appears in HTML UI. Modifying screens should not be a problem for a JSP person.
    10. Need to modify the Workflow module already in Compiere. Otherwise it is integratable (i am referring more to other ERP that is based on Compiere. So you need to google) with a Manufacturing system.
    11. Web account or email id is standard fare.
    12. Yes
    13. Yes
    14. Yes
    15. Modifiable. Framework feature is already there.
    16. Yes
    17. If you mean Sales commissions then Yes.
    18. Yes, everything in Compiere is customizable.

    Hope this helps.


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