adding an extra comment field on Sales Order

  • lavino

    lavino - 2008-12-24

    Does it require me re-compiling Compiere and have to modify the Compiere source code?   All we want is to add an extra text field on the window and in db so the sales can add new customized comment text for the sales orders (of course we want to save the text along with the record of sales order).

    • Adhitya

      Adhitya - 2008-12-24

      Nope. You only have to add column in C_Order table and in the Order window. All done in Compiere and log in as System Administrator

    • lavino

      lavino - 2008-12-25

      thanks for the hint.  I created a new memo with 200 chars in the Sales Order window.  It saves and loads ok; however, when I try to edit the existing note as soon as I click on the field and start typing it will erase all the existing content.  Is there some config setting I am missing to have to keep the existing text and let me add text at the end?

    • albert

      albert - 2008-12-29

      This is thee sample of my system

      We add field name "MachineType" in Product table

      /** Set MachineType.機種
      @param MachineType */
      public void setMachineType (String MachineType)
      if (MachineType != null && MachineType.length() > 29)
      log.warning("Length > 20 - truncated");
      MachineType = MachineType.substring(0,29);
      set_Value ("MachineType", MachineType);

      /** Get MachineType.機種
      @return MachineType */
      public String getMachineType()
      return (String)get_Value("MachineType");


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