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  • Yan

    Yan - 2009-03-20

    Hi everyone,

    I've seen that my AD_ChangeLog table is more than 1 million lines.

    The "Top 5" :
    Table / lines
    Fact_Acct    211915
    AD_WF_Activity    79229
    AD_WF_EventAudit    79229
    AD_PInstance_Para    45952
    T_Aging    42480

    Can i delete those lines ?
    Who cares about changes made to the Fact_Acct ? it is system generated...

    I have tick the case "maintain change log" in the Role Window.
    Is it better to tick the same case, but in the Table window ???

    So i can choose tables i'd like to follow (bpartner, invoices, ...)

    Could you please share your best practices on this subjects ?




    • Anonymous - 2009-04-07

      When you check maintain change log on the role, it will audit every change made by a user who has logged in with this role, so that's why you're seeing so many records from tables it's not necessary to audit, such as the AD_WF (workflow) activity tables.  Better to only audit the tables you are interested in, such as invoice headers and invoice lines, but then all roles who access these tables will have their changes audited.  If you no longer need the records for certain tables in the AD_Changelog table, it's ok to delete them.  You may want to rebuild the indexes on this table if you delete a large number of records so that record retrieval will be faster.

      • Yan

        Yan - 2009-04-08

        Thanks !

        So, i've unticked the maintain log in role and i select a large number of tables.
        I think their number will decrease in some times.




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