direct debit

  • tarnak

    tarnak - 2010-03-02

    Can any one help me out to figure out  how direct debit work in compiere , as I am not able to complete the order when I am selecting the direct debit  as tender type, is any thing that I am missing in entry of data because I have checked with the calender every thing is open only , I am able to complete the order when I select the tender type as credit card  ….please help its urgent ……………

  • aladin

    aladin - 2010-03-02

    For the business partner in question, in the Business Partner window > Bank Account tab is there a record, and is the ACH flag ticked? When ticked, a Bank, Bank Account Type and Account No field should be shown.

    If you are going to do true DD then in Bank window there should be a Bank, Bank Account and Documents records present. Direct Debit is for sales transactions, and Direct Deposit for purchase transactions. 


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