Any success installing on a Mac?

  • red

    red - 2009-02-21

    I'm trying to evaluate Compiere to see if we are going to use it.   I would very much like to install it on a 10.4 machine.

    I was going through the linux-like install process and managed to make some progress.   I was able to get Postres Advanced install and got the script to go, but nothing seems to happen.  

    There seems to be some sort of problem with the fact that Sun doesn't provide the JDK for the mac platform.  The linux JDK doesn't seem to work.

    Why can't Compiere simply use the JRE?   This makes no sense to me ---   can i point the install script/etc to the JRE found in /Applications/Utilities/Java/bin?


    • Mel Haynes Jr

      Mel Haynes Jr - 2009-03-05

      I found a way around this issue. When looking at the build scripts to build from source, there is a test for the existence of a file called tools.jar. OS X does not have this file ( the functionality is in classes.jar ) so what I did was go to the $JAVA_HOME/lib and create a tools.jar file. To create the file I just created a new text file called tools.txt and inside it, wrote a short description of why I am creating the file and then did a jar command ( jar -cvf tools.jar tools.txt ). Now that this jar file is in the path, the program should not run.

      Note, I just started the set up program and it works now. I haven't had a chance to try running the program yet as I am sitting in the training class and probably should be paying attention.

      Hope this helps.



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