Mighty Quin - 2009-05-06

Hi all,

On the Project window, under the Project Management module, the 'Committed Amount' field doesn't seem to be working as the documentation says it should.

If I enter a value for this field on the 'Phase' tab and select the Invoice Rule to be 'Committed Amount' then when I select the 'Generate Order' button a Sales Order is created but it doesn't use the Committed Amount value I set on the Project - why is this not working?

Also, on the 'Project' tab, the Committed Amount field does not show the total of the Committed Amounts at Phase level? and if I set a Committed Amount value on the 'Project' tab, and then add a 'Phase Line' to the Project then the Committed Amount value on the Project tab is reset to 0.00 - why does this happen?

Am I correct in thinking that if I give a Committed Amount value and select 'Committed Amount' to be the Invoice Rule, then the Order that is created from this should use only the Committed Amount and should ignore any other amounts set at Project Line, Phase Line, Task and Tasks Line level?

Any help appreciated :)