how to integrate source code in the eclipse

  • venkat666

    venkat666 - 2009-06-12

    HI Kathy,

    i have download the source code from SVN (compiere), how to build the source code and how to run the application in eclipse ?Please give me the steps ? or if you have any documents or links , please foward to me...

    Thanks in advance 


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2009-06-16

      (sorry for some wrong in english)


      When i downloaded the source, i created a project and import there all folders... after this, only ajust the classpath..

      if you know how identified the source folders into there.. be easy!!


    • venkat666

      venkat666 - 2009-06-17

      Thanks PadrecO for giving reply ,

      i already done that part ,once completing all those importing , setting up the class path ,

      1) How do I compile or build the source code with eclipse? Meaning: ant commands, if you have documents or links please share with me.

      2) How do I import the database in the eclipse, if you have any documents or links please share with me?

      Please tell me , for next proceed?

      Thanks in advance


    • naghmouchi yosri

          first of all compiere is given with the entire work space that means if you want to import the project you just switch the work space of eclipse and you will get the result in other hand you can import the project but you will take care of the compiler used on the eclipse by default it is important .
      secondly what about databases in eclipse , you don 't have to import database in eclipse because after importing compiere project in eclipse without error or debug you have to configure you database "externely "neither oracle or postegresql...
      and when your database is ready to connecte you have to run compiere on eclipse , in the first interface displayed on compiere it will ask about th database connection that means many field to fullfield before connecting to the data base .
      finally  if all this is done without any problem you will enjoy with compier.

      Best Reagrds

    • venkat666

      venkat666 - 2009-06-26

      Thanks Yosari,

      how i can run  the source , without compilation , is it possible or not?
      how to run the application ?

      PLease tell me .. for proceeding

      Thanks in advance



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