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  • Anupam Upadhyay

    Anupam Upadhyay - 2009-02-12

    Hello all,

    I have a requirement of one of our client on Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS). I am able to create cash book entries in the system. However, I am not able to load any Bank Statement from outside. It is asking for Bank Statement Loader and Statement Loader Class. May anyone help me on step by step procedure of BRS Scenario.

    Waiting for replies...

    Warm Regerds,


    • Eldir Tomassen [ActFact B.V.]

      Hello Anupam,

      It depends of the data format of the statement you want to import.
      Is formatted as a common statement file format, like Swift MT940 (many european banks), OFX (XML based) some CVS (comma separated) format?


    • Anupam Upadhyay

      Anupam Upadhyay - 2009-02-13

      Hello Eldir,

      Thanks a lot for your reply... I wanted to import the data in CSV format...

      Any idea about it...

      Waiting for your kind atention.

      Warm Regards


    • Eldir Tomassen [ActFact B.V.]

      Compiere has an integrated facility for importing CSV data.
      You will need to create a custom loader format that can handle the CSV files from your
      bank, and load them into the "Import Bank Statement" temporary table.
      Have a look at the examples for loading BPartner etc info from CSV.

      When the data is loaded into the temporary table, you can import it into the actual bank statement table from the "Import Bank Statement" window.

  • younus

    younus - 2010-03-13

    Hi Eldir,
    When entering a "System Admin / Data / Data Import / Import Bank Statement" there is a button "Match Bank Statement" and "Creat Payment".
    Can you help me on step by step procedure of this button???


  • aladin

    aladin - 2010-03-29

    I don't think that the butons "Match Bank Statement" and "Create Payment" should be on the "Import Bank Statement" window, and should have been removed in later releases. Once the Bank Statement is entered or imported, lines in the Bank Statement are matched to Payment records. In the Bank Statement window:

    Create Payment = create a payment record for an item on the bank statement that you wern't expecting and hence doesn't have a payment record for, e.g. bank charges, currency exchange charges, etc.

    Match Bank Statement = I have never used but I believe you can create a java program to automatically match the bank statement to payments based on rules (e.g. if date and amount are equal). The java program that you write (I believe from memory) is set in one of the tabs in the Bank window.

  • Eldir Tomassen [ActFact B.V.]


    You are right about the purpose of the "Match Bank Statement" process.
    The reason the process can be executed from the import window is that you can see
    what matches are made in advanced, and correct them manually if needed, before the data is imported to the actual bankstatement tables.


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