gebruiker - 2010-04-23

On this moment we use the attachment icon in the toolbar to attach PDF and e-mail files in compiere 3.00
We do this on the quickest way we can find by dropping a file on a clean windows desktop then and click on the compiere icon, then on the home button and then click the attachment. (3 steps) After that we delete the file on the desktop (with one click, a batch file)

Correct me if I am wrong but to our information the file is put into the database that can become slow due to the attachemnts. Also we have been told that the database file is limited to 4 Gb.

Therefore our software supplier suggested us a new toolbar button that connects the attachment external.
But then we have to click 10 (difficult) times more before a file is attached and also the file must be renamed because it is on one server place where previous attached files are still standing.
It is impossible to know the right name, after long time of using the selection to the right file and rename correct will be impossible.
Also attaching file(s) will be time consuming and can create a lott of mistakes.

So the question are:
-Why is there a attachment button to attach in the database if this is a "No Go" to use attachments in the database
-Is there a limit to use attachments on above method
-What is the solution to quickly, monkey proof, attach files in compiere (without using the database)