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Install Compiere via command line in Ubuntu

  • anete

    anete - 2009-12-25


    Is it possible to install Compiere community edition 3.2 in Ubuntu server 8.04 via command line only (without GUI)?


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-12-29


    having just installed Compiere on a headless dedicated server running Debian, I can say this - you can, using ssh -X hostname. It is the preferred way to display remote X-based application from a remote host. It still requires though that you install X11 + KDE/GNOME etc on the remote host. You may also install vnc4server and achieve the same while compromising on security. I did not find any available command-line tools for etc that are Java UI applications in the end.

  • anete

    anete - 2010-01-03

    Hi, thanks for the replay, my experiences are the same so far. From what I found out, there is no command line installation option in Compiere community edition at the moment. In release notes of Professional edition 3.5 there is added instruction for silent installation.

    By the way, for Adempiere installation without GUI is available and works fine with the Ubuntu server.

    Br, Anete


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