"New Record" (BPartner) in Data Dictionary

  • marian zanfir

    marian zanfir - 2009-06-14

    Hi every one,

    I wish to add some new fields like "Tax Id" for example in the "New Record" function when I'm defining a new Business Partner in a Sales Order.
    I have searched in Data Dictionary but so far I didn't find this window or function
    These windows like "New Record", "Update" or value preference are not in the data Dictionary? They can't be customized?

    does anyone know something about this ?

    thank you  you very much

    • albert

      albert - 2009-06-14


      Lookup forcolumnName.equals("C_BPartner_ID")
      add 2 function
      New  (新增)
      Update (更新)
      //    VBPartner quick entry link
              if (columnName.equals("C_BPartner_ID"))
                  m_bpartnerNew = new CMenuItem (Msg.getMsg(Env.getCtx(), "New"), Env.getImageIcon("InfoBPartner16.gif"));
                  m_bpartnerUpdate = new CMenuItem (Msg.getMsg(Env.getCtx(), "Update"), Env.getImageIcon("InfoBPartner16.gif"));

      Call VBPartner.java

           *    Action - Special BPartner Screen
           *  @param newRecord true if new record should be created
          private void actionBPartner (boolean newRecord)
              VBPartner vbp = new VBPartner (Env.getFrame(this), m_lookup.getWindowNo());
              int BPartner_ID = 0;
              //  if update, get current value
              if (!newRecord)
                  if (m_value instanceof Integer)
                      BPartner_ID = ((Integer)m_value).intValue();
                  else if (m_value != null)
                      BPartner_ID = Integer.parseInt(m_value.toString());

      Please add Tax_ID ...
      In VBPartner.java

      Or Call me for add this for you...

      Skype: Adempiere/Compiere
      MSN: albert_a_chen@yahoo.com
         //    Value
              fValue = new VString("Value", true, false, true, 30, 60, "", null);
              createLine (fValue, "Value", true);
              //    Greeting Business Partner
              fGreetingBP = new JComboBox (m_greeting);
              createLine (fGreetingBP, "Greeting", false);
              //    Name
              fName = new VString("Name", true, false, true, 30, 60, "", null);
              createLine (fName, "Name", false).setFontBold(true);
              //    Name2
              fName2 = new VString("Name2", false, false, true, 30, 60, "", null);
              createLine (fName2, "Name2", false);
              //    Contact
              fContact = new VString("Contact", false, false, true, 30, 60, "", null);
              createLine (fContact, "Contact", true).setFontBold(true);
              //    Greeting Contact
              fGreetingC = new JComboBox (m_greeting);
              createLine (fGreetingC, "Greeting", false);
              //    Title
              fTitle = new VString("Title", false, false, true, 30, 60, "", null);
              createLine(fTitle, "Title", false);
              //    Email
              fEMail = new VString("EMail", false, false, true, 30, 40, "", null);
              createLine (fEMail, "EMail", false);

    • albert

      albert - 2009-06-14

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