Is the free version a demo?

  • Nathan

    Nathan - 2009-01-29

    Thanks to this forum, I was able to download and install Compiere on windows without having to post any questions.  However, now I’m stuck and need to ask some questions.

    I’ve got Compiere up and running and its looks amazing, however, I have no idea how to use it.  I downloaded the free version from sourceforge.  My first question is this, is this free version from sourceforge just a demo?  I seem to be stuck with just the Garden World company stuff.  Will I be able to fully customize this free version for my distribution company?

    I know there is a document that can be downloaded for $50.  Is this document for the free version?  Will this document teach me how to customize this free version and get rid of all the Garden World labels?

    Thanks for your help.

    • albert

      albert - 2009-01-29

      Will this document teach me how to customize this free version
      and get rid of all the Garden World labels?

      Yes,,, but you need a traget Business/Enterprise Model

      We Free Tranning and Free Customization

      but you need attended our classroom

      Let all developer know you, and know your needs.

      Free staty / Free Meal

    • aladin

      aladin - 2009-01-29


      If you haven't found it already Compiere Inc has a web site at:

      It sounds like you have the "community" version of Compiere which is free. You can purchase additional support and services from Compiere Inc (see\).  You will find that there are a number of modules that won't work on the community version (WMS, web UI, etc). And yes you can run your organisation using any version of Compiere including the community version.

      The GardenWorld company comes as standard. For your orgnasiation you will need to create a new Tenant and at least one new organisation. Run the Initial Tennat Setup option to create a new one. Word of caution - you will need a chart of accounts csv whilst doing this, and samples are provided in the Compiere2/data/import directory (e.g. accoutingUS.csv).

      For documentation go to the Compiere WIKI which has a lot of documentation for free.

      Good luck.


      • Nathan

        Nathan - 2009-01-29

        Thanks for the response Jeff.

        Yeah, I’ve been through the website and wiki.  However, I just realized you need to be signed up to view the wiki info.

        So I’m learning that Compiere is not pure open-source?  The WMS is one thing that I specifically wanted.

        Thanks again for the help.

    • aladin

      aladin - 2009-01-29


      Try the wiki (using the link above) again because I'm certain you don't need to be logged in. The first page indicates that you can join, but follow the links below to the documentation.


      • Nathan

        Nathan - 2009-01-31

        Your right, I figured it out.

        Thanks again for the help


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