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Migrating in same version

  • Balaji Khandekar

    I want to migrate some changes on other machine but compiere version is same. There is one utility called packout but idon't want to use that. I want the scripting like adempiere version migrating . How to do that if anybody know please explain me that.
    Waiting for reply..


    • albert

      albert - 2009-03-07

      All Smart guy like you must know,

      Mirgration is from system to system,

      Must add or delete or replace some Database Structure...

      If same system not pack out ,

      we call export and import ,,,

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    • Balaji Khandekar

      hi albert,
                     I know the concept of import ,export. I just want to migrate only one table it's concerning tab, window, menu so what should i do. I don't want packout functionality. Directly asking i want to know how to create migration script only for those tables which updates or created newly when i create new window, tab etc.


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