Like to change the default country

  • madhukar

    madhukar - 2009-01-16

    I would like to change the default country i.e. US to another country,in the business partner location
    How can i do this
    I have tried this whiling installing compiere ,is there any other option after the installation is completed
    please help me out

    • Anonymous - 2009-01-16

      The default country that appears when entering a business partner location is based on the default language you are using when you login to Compiere. 

    • madhukar

      madhukar - 2009-01-22

      I have tired this option also but it is not working

      • Anonymous - 2009-01-22

        For each language that you want to use, you need to set the System Language checkbox on the Language window (using the System Administrator window).  Then choose this language when logging in and the corresponding country should default when you are entering a location address.

      • Anonymous - 2009-01-23

        After you have marked the desired language as a system language, you then need to select that language on the Compiere login screen when logging in.  Doesn't seem like there any languages set up for India.  Why don't you try with a language like French for which there is a login option available?   Since the login screen is displayed before you have actually connected to the database, the list of available countries stored in the database is not available at login time, so it is stored in Java classes, so you would have to change them to include a new language.  Here's a link to a web page with instructions on how to do this near the bottom of the page:

    • madhukar

      madhukar - 2009-01-22

      please help out i have tried doing what you said but i am not able to see the default country changed

      I want to Change the country from United states to india,in the business partner location tab when i create the new address i want have the country has India by default

      As you said I have logged in as using the System Administrator,in that language and set as system language but it did not work

      Please Help Out how change this

    • Anonymous - 2009-01-23

      If you don't want to change the Java classes, you could even try to change the ISO country code for the English (USA) language to IN from US and then when you login with US English as your language, India should default as the country code.

      • Laurent Larré

        Laurent Larré - 2009-01-23

        The default country that will be displayed in the new location window depends on the client setup. it doesn't depend on the UI/login language. You will want to log in as Client Admin and chose one of the base country/language for your client (india as I might have understood). From then all the new locations will be by default located in your client country.

    • madhukar

      madhukar - 2009-01-23

      I have tried ,doing that also ,like when we are setting initial client setup ,I have taken India as my country ,in that case i can see the country for the first i.e by default in the business partner--locatiion tab , but when I am creating the second  new location to the same business partner ,I am not getting the India as default but it is showing the Unite states.

      Please help me out 


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