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  • Zak

    Zak - 2009-02-24


    I want to generate invoices from a sales order using the customer invoice schudeling.

    i created a sales order 50002 for customer that have the invoice schudeling defined to :

    - monthely
    - Invoice Day = 28
    - Invoice day cut-off = 25

    then i generate three expedition :

    - date = 24/02/2009; qty = 1
    - date = 25/02/2009; qty = 4
    - date = 28/02/2009; qty = 3

    when I lanched the generate invoices batch, the result is created on = 0

    is there somthing missing about my setup ?

    Thanks for your help

    • Laurent Larré

      Laurent Larré - 2009-02-24

      Hi zak,

      I think your mistake is wanting to generate the invoices that are not yet dues.
      I mean, today is the 24th of february so according to your schedule, you can only invoice shipments up to the 25th of january.

      hope it helped you.

    • Zak

      Zak - 2009-02-24

      Hi Larré,

      Thinks for your help. i changed the date system to 28/02/2009 and it generate the invoice.
      but there's still a probleme : the invoice contain a line that correspond to the expedetion of the day 28/02/2009 instead of the fact that the "Invoice day cut-off" of my customer invoice schudeling is defined to 25.
      somthnig missing ?


      • Laurent Larré

        Laurent Larré - 2009-02-24


        I agree in that case the shipment shouldn't be part of the invoice.
        Maybe you can check again that the corresponding order has the same scheduling settings.


    • Zak

      Zak - 2009-02-25


      I checked the scheduling settings, it's fine. but i had always the same probleme.

      have ever tried this functionnality ? does it work for you i'm using Compiere v3.1.

      thanks for your help.


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