Application Dictionary data , code migration

  • Asif Iqbal Syed

    Asif Iqbal Syed - 2009-04-21

    Hello All,

    Does anyone know how to migrate application dictionary data , code from development to production. I have been using Compiere 2.6.1. Does compiere have something like 2Pack/xml2ad or ad2xml work with this version?

    Please help me to provide some idea?


    • albert

      albert - 2009-04-22

      Applicsation data, in include serveral table,

      but we know from 3.0 the AD and 2.6.1 AD have some different....

      you add Window?

      you add Tab??

      add field...

      you change table

      you change column


      more data, will be easy to know how to do.....

    • Asif Iqbal Syed

      Asif Iqbal Syed - 2009-04-22

      thanks for your response.

      For now, if I can migrate table and window from my development to production that would be helpful for me. Creating table in the application dictionary takes lot of time.

      Would you please tell me what tool or what should I use to do that.

      In Compiere 3.0 what really you use to migrate?

      Look forward to hearing you soon.


    • Anonymous - 2009-04-29

      Hi guys!

      I have the same problem... some things like new tab, column, window, tab and field was chaged in my compiere 2.6, now... I'm looking how migrate that to Compiere 3.0.. some process that i don't developer again.

      Im looking for "migration process" (native compiere process), but i think that it only migrate bussines data and not meta-data.  =/

      Thanks too.

      (Sorry for my wrong english!)

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2009-04-30

      ifyou use the migration option (with a support subscritpion) you can migrate your 2.6 instance to 3.3 and any customizations you have done (provided they are indicated properly) will be preserved
      Hope that helps

    • Anonymous - 2009-05-06

      Hi Kathy

      I did the migration... but on finished i found only new record in data table, but nothing new in AD_tables..

      I will execute the process again with more attention and i will post here what happen...

      Thanks !


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