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  • Panagiotis

    Panagiotis - 2009-03-10


    I would like to develop a small Electronic Medical Record Solution.

    Can I create this application as extension in Compirere?

    The solution will have about 15 entities and some one2many and many2many relations.
    Where can I find more infos/documentation how to develop my own entities and forms?

    Thank you very much.

    • albert

      albert - 2009-03-10

      Since you posted :

      >>I would like to develop a small Electronic Medical >>Record Solution. 

      >>Can I create this application as extension in >>Compirere? 


      >>The solution will have about 15 entities and some >>one2many and many2many relations.
      >>Where can I find more infos/documentation how to >>develop my own entities and forms? 

      i will like to help u, or tell u how to customize.
      or let me do it for u;

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    • Panagiotis

      Panagiotis - 2009-03-10

      Hey,thanks for the answer.

      Is there any tutorial for this? The only thing about UI extensibility is
      that is reference documentation than a follow-to tutorial.


    • albert

      albert - 2009-03-10

      Any compiere Developer know how to Extended UI,,,

      What function  is you want,,

      Who need tutorial??

      Source is open if a guy can not know how to do,,

      The guy is not a developer,,

      What  function  is you want,,

      This is very important,,

      Cause Compiere is easy, But Industiral domanin knowledge is very hard to know,,

      What function  is you ??

    • stingreye

      stingreye - 2009-03-10

      It sounds to me like most of it can be done from the application dictionary or database with little java programming.

      You can:

      1) Add new tables,
      2) Add new columns,
      3) Add new windows
      4) Add new fields

      All of the above can already be done via application dictionary.  The application already includes an attach feature.

      I am currently using an older version that I would create my tables and fields in Oracle then in the application dictionary I would "import from Database" in the table/column window.  Then I would create the window and fields necessary.

      I have heard the latest version is much much easier to do this.  I don't think you even need to do anything from the database and I think the application dictionary can even create the tables.  Someone else will have to verify.

      Here is a brief (from the top of my head) walk thru from what I remember creating it from the database:

      1) Create a new table in DB
      2) Required fields are: TABLENAME_ID (as primary key), AD_CLIENT, AD_ORG_ID, CREATED, CREATEDBY, UPDATED, UPDATEDBY, ISACTIVE (look at a table such as M_PRODUCT_CATEGORY as a sample)
      3) Then you can add any fields you want.
      4) Login as System Admin in Compiere
      5) Go to table/column window
      6) Create a new record (make sure its of type user defined so migration doesn't delete it)
      7) Make sure you spell the DB table name correctly
      8) Fill in the other data (use another window as a sample for what to fill out)
      9) Import fields from DB
      10) Open window/field
      11) create a new record
      12) Select your table, then create fields from DB
      13) Add the window to the "menu"
      14) Make sure the role has security access

      Login and I hope it works.  As I said earlier all of the above is from memory.  I think the newer version 3.0 or greater that it works ALOT better.  Hopefully someone will show you how in the new version.  The method above is what I have used in version 2.5   We have created close to 20 custom tables that way.

      Good luck!
      (FYI, I am an end-user and NOT a developer of Compiere, we pay for support thru a Compiere Partner)

    • venkat666

      venkat666 - 2009-06-19

      HI ,

      After doing all steps , is there any compilation required or not?

      if it is required , how do you compile , what are the ant commands ? Please give steps.

      Thanks in advance


    • Andries Pretorius

      This is very true - before you even start looking at bringing java into the equation - make sure the Application Dictionary (AD) windows, table, column and field entities  are properly setup.

      its just works with just a re-start at worst.

    • kamalesh pon

      kamalesh pon - 2009-07-30

      Drop a mail we can support you


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