Run_server2 not runnning in linux

  • tarnak

    tarnak - 2009-05-22

    I have problem in starting the Run_server2 batch file in compiere ,utils folder
    I have installed compiere successfully in linux system
    Please me out i am in urgent need 

    • GodLike

      GodLike - 2009-05-22

      you need to use the root to run the server.

      Or you could paste your error info from you command line here.

    • Senguttuvan Paramathma

      you may mistakenly running .bat file, in linux you have to run .sh file, just check this out.

    • Steve Lee

      Steve Lee - 2009-08-24

      There should be no errors. Check the logs in $COMPIERE_HOME/jboss/server/compiere/logs to verify this.


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