Calculate cost in Inventory Internal use

  • Asif Iqbal Syed

    Asif Iqbal Syed - 2009-07-09

    Why we set method of calculate cost on product category is FIFO?
    When I issue stock on Inventory Internal use window , It doesn't calculate by FIFO

    Compiere 2.6.1

    • aladin

      aladin - 2009-07-09

      Check that the Costing Method field on the Accounting Schema window is set to FIFO.  The system uses this flag for costing accounting consequences.

      On the Product Category is the Material Policy field which is used for allocating storage records, not costing. (Based on 3.4 but I don't remember 2.6.1 being any different).

    • Asif Iqbal Syed

      Asif Iqbal Syed - 2009-07-13

      Thanks a lot. Our setup like is that below. Would you please we are missing any setup configuration or not.

      Costing Method: FIFO
      Product Category, material policy :FIFO

      13/7/09    Receipt BOOK = 5@20.00 =  100.00
      20/7/09 Receipt Book = 4@15.00 =  60.00

      21/7/09 Internal use Inventory(Issue stock) Book = 8

      In compiere It calculates 8@20 = 160.00
      Standard FIFO should show like above.

      Shouldn't it be 5@20 = 100.00
              3@15 = 45.00

      This means out of 8, qty 5 should be taken out dated 13/7/09 and the rest 3
      should be taken out from 20/7/09.

      How we can set up this method in Compiere, so that it sepates the amount
      by quantity?

      Thanks again.

    • Asif Iqbal Syed

      Asif Iqbal Syed - 2009-07-13


      I found this is a bug  from the following link and It's already been reported since long time. I would be very grateful if someone let know, Is the bug fixed , If it is then what version it has the corrected one.

      Thanks in advance.


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